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Here at 70 West Builders meeting our customers needs and expectations are at the top of our list. In order to accurately respond and track any situations that may arise we ask that all warranty be put in written form via this request form or an email to our info@70westbuilders.com email account. If you are within your first year of homeownership and you have a leak, hvac problem, etc. please refer to your walk-through package. Here you will find the numbers directly to the company in order to get you serviced as quickly as possible.

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Home Built in 3 Months! If you are looking to build a home, 70 West is the way to go! I have never thought the process of having my home built from scratch would be this exciting or easy! The people at 70 West were outstanding, showing great professionalism and passion for the new home and homeowner. Craig was awesome to work with, and Chad's relentless dedication helped us move in within just 3 months. Thanks 70 West for this memorable experience. You guys are the best!

Weiss Family | Kanton Ridge