Financing Your New Home

Choosing financing for your new home does not have to be as scary as it sounds! We know that for most people - this is the biggest purchase you will ever make! There are several things to think about when choosing a lender; Are they familiar with the new construction process? Do they have the mindset of a teacher? You want to have someone who is willing to take the time and teach you what is happen during your process. The more you know the more comfortable you are going to be. When obtaining a new mortgage there are several things you will need to help you prepare and there are other things you need to be mindful of during your build. Finding the lender to fit your needs is paramount. Each of our neighborhoods features a Preferred Lender - please feel free to reach out to us and we can provide a list of Preferred Lenders to help ensure a smooth transaction! We have worked with many lenders throughout our years and we have found that finding the right professional who is knowledgeable and honest helps the building process go smoother for you, your sales agent and us. Below you will find some of our preferred lenders. These are tried and true, local professionals that have always gone above and beyond the call of duty for our homeowners.

Martha Erdek with Alpha Mortgage

Jordan Carter with Truist Mortgage

Gina DiCicco with Paragon Bank

Pam Grimes with First Bank

NMLS# 415426