The 70 West Difference

Experience the

70 West Difference

70 West Builders is the smart choice for new homes. Our stability, innovation, award-winning floor plans, quality construction, and exceptional customer service is the 70 West Difference. While other builders may offer similar home styles or build in neighboring locations, our personal pride, dedication to superior craftsmanship, and commitment to customer service is uniquely our own.

Modern, Cutting-Edge Design

Perhaps more than any other builder, 70 West Builders is committed to providing cutting-edge design in every home we build. We keep up appearances at 70 West with homes that are as fine looking as they are fabulously functional. We know that it is the details that make the true difference inside and out: larger baseboards and moldings, plans that flow gracefully, rooms designed with your furniture in mind, dynamic entertainment spaces and other modern features

Better, Smarter and More Sustainable

We have always been committed to quality construction at 70 West. We take the foundation of every home we build to the next level. Our foundations are engineered and built to exceed the standard home building code. As you drive through one of our 70 West Builders neighborhoods, look at the foundation and the ground it stands on. You will notice that each is built up slightly, where as other competitors sit flat on the ground. We do this to ensure that water will not accumulate under your slab, as well as helping water drain away from your house in the future.

Make It Personal

Our unique background of experience at 70 West allows you, the customer, to add custom specifications and changes to our plans. We listen to every request and work with you to design your home to fit you. Whether it is moving walls, changing flooring or re-designing the kitchen, 70 West makes every effort to accommodate your needs.

Good Enough is Never Good Enough

We believe that great service is the necessity in every great business. Our local accessibility, plus a high degree of hands-on service as accountability allows 70 West to be there for you during every step of the process from contract to handing you the keys. We strive to truly serve you and make your experience of building your home a memorable one.

Home Built in 3 Months! If you are looking to build a home, 70 West is the way to go! I have never thought the process of having my home built from scratch would be this exciting or easy! The people at 70 West were outstanding, showing great professionalism and passion for the new home and homeowner. Craig was awesome to work with, and Chad's relentless dedication helped us move in within just 3 months. Thanks 70 West for this memorable experience. You guys are the best!

Weiss Family | Kanton Ridge