Energy Savings

70 West

Energy Savings Program

From the floor plan to the finishing touches, we make energy efficiency a priority! Energy-efficient features are integrated into every facet of your home helping you enjoy more savings, better health and comfort from greater peace of mind. Here are just a few of the ways 70 West Builders provides homes that are built to save:

Tight Envelope

A tight thermal envelope is the enclosure that holds warm or cool air inside the house. The walls, windows, doors, floor and ceilings combine to create a barrier system that seals the home and limits leaks and drafts as well as moisture and pests.

Fresh Air Ventilation

Efficient delivery and filtration systems reduce dust, odors and indoor contaminants ensuring a healthy home and peace of mind.

Improved Insulation System

The framing technique, along with type, thickness and R-Value of insulation, increase energy efficiency by minimizing voids and gaps. The use of low-e glass also helps to reduce the transfer of heat through the windows in order to keep heat from entering the home which is especially important during our coastal summers, and helps prevent heat loss during our winters.

HVAC Equipment & Pressure Balancing

Multiple air ducts and return air grilles help stimulate fresh air ventilation, decrease humidity, enable the air to circulate more easily, and reduce energy usage.

Moisture Management

Moisture management is important everywhere, but is especially important in coastal Carolina. Using the right sized HVAC systems, multiple air ducts and returns help dry the moisture that naturally passes through the home.

Water-Saving Features

A home’s water efficiency can have a great impact on the owner’s wallet, that’s why we choose water-efficient toilets, faucets, shower heads and appliances.

Home Built in 3 Months! If you are looking to build a home, 70 West is the way to go! I have never thought the process of having my home built from scratch would be this exciting or easy! The people at 70 West were outstanding, showing great professionalism and passion for the new home and homeowner. Craig was awesome to work with, and Chad's relentless dedication helped us move in within just 3 months. Thanks 70 West for this memorable experience. You guys are the best!

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